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Horse Riding, Lot-et-Garonne, Bonaguil, Fumel, 47500, France

We welcome Randonnees and endurance riders with their horses, or guests wishing to bring their horses on holiday for a longer stay.

Enjoy our comfortable facilities, staying over night in our Chambre D’hote, or book a week or two in our three bedroom self-catering gite, with your horses literally grazing under your bedroom window.

In this wonderful area of Le Hameau de Borie and Bonaguil Chateau, offering miles of off road riding, and stunning scenery. All you need is your map, or visit the local tourist information centre in Fumel for local chemins, and then decide where your journey takes you!

SW.France is a great country for horses and horse riding, being one of the most wonderful destinations for riding holidays. The layout of local chemins, fields, woodlands, vineyards, villages and towns, all contribute to the identity of this wonderful region.


In spring, the temperatures are perfect for riding and sight-seeing, May and June when the days are longer, it’s a great opportunity to ride for hours, planning your route. In the summer when the days are hot you are still able to take your horses out for an early morning or late evening ride, whilst enjoying the day relaxing by the swimming pool or experiencing French hospitality, cuisine and wine!

Tips for Riders

We want you and your horse to have an unforgettable experience in safety and comfort.

Please make full use of all the information provided below to ensure you are properly prepared for your holiday and journey:-

• Stay on the designated routes and always tell someone where you are going.

• Ensure that your tack is in good repair and that your horse is well shod. (Unfortunately, it is very difficult to obtain a farrier at short notice)

• Watch out for slippery surfaces in wet weather and take care when crossing and using roads.

• Always wear a hard hat certified to appropriate safety standards and when necessary reflective clothing.

• You are responsible for insurance for yourself, your horse and your equipment.

• Advise your insurance company that you and your horse are going on holiday.

• You are responsible for the safety and well-being of your horse, including feeding, grooming & maintaining your allocated paddocks

• Groups of two to four riders are advisable and if possible take a mobile phone

• Horses in your party will be expected to share the same field.

• Non-riders are also very welcome. 

• We recommend that your horse is vaccinated against equine flu and tetanus, and your horse follows a regular worming programme.

Code for Responsible horse riding

• Take particular care of the environment in protected areas that have significant cultural/or natural value as they can be very sensitive to damage.

• Do not damage other people’s property/land.

• Always be courteous to people you meet and respect everyone’s privacy and peace.

• Give way to walkers and remember other users may be elderly, disabled, children or simply afraid of horses.

• Remember that you have to take responsibility for your own actions, so take care of your own safety and that of others.

• Leave all gates as you find them.

• Ride slowly past all livestock.

• Please pay attention to any temporary restrictions or diversions indicated.


Grass livery – price per horse

(incl – Hay & Tack Rm Facilities)

Daily bookings – 8 Euro’s

Weekly booking – 45 Euro’s

Gîte Borie Bonaguil – Karen and Andrew Warden – Le Hameau de Borie 47500 Fumel Tel. +33 5 53 40 88 28