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Java Translets

Translets "are precompiled XSL documents that are optimized and converted into simple Java classes. When you compile your application Java files, you compile your XSL files into Java class files. During runtime, you can load translets like any regular Java class and perform XSL transformations over and over again. The syntax checking and parsing of XSL documents are done when the XSL files are compiled. The transformation therefore takes only as long as the compiled code takes to execute, which improves performance multiple folds.

The downside to using XSL is that "it can take a considerable amount of time and reduce performance. The time needed to parse XML and XSL documents is directly proportional to the size of the documents. Each transformation requires the XML and XSL documents to be loaded, syntax checked, and parsed." I recommends using translets for the following reasons.

I have written an application ( using standard XSL / XML transformation and experienced some very slow server-side transformation on the very complex screens with large amounts of xml. Timings showed these problem screens took 2-3 seconds to transform, which was totally unacceptable  non-functional requirements.


I considered rewriting these screens as JSP or PHP, then I discovered Translets. And wow what a discovery the timings for these pages now compiled as Translets(java classes) are amazing in comparison to the original timings – I now have them transforming in 500ms (all now under 1 second).


I would recommend anyone using XSL/XML transformation to use Translets, these have now been running tried and tested on for the past 6months.